Achilles Heel


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What is your Achilles Heel? 

If I’m honest with myself I am terrible at driving when I’m exhausted. I have been known to drift into other lanes, I almost ran my car off the road driving to New Orleans and I have been pulled over more than once for driving while sleepy. I’ve had many a friend and family member tell me how much I suck while exhausted and trying to drive. I say all this to help you envision how horrible I am as a driver when I am exhausted.  Now after college when looking for jobs I would see these big tractor trailers advertising that they pay for training and you can make a whole bunch of money driving for them. I thought that could be interesting. They pay to train me, pay a nice amount to just drive and eventually I could make more own business out of it and hire other drivers and have multiple trucks and everything. I started building my own transportation conglomerate right there in my mind after 2 minutes. Just 1 problem. I SUCK AT DRIVING WHEN EXHAUSTED! And I would imagine there are plenty of times I would have to drive that huge machine when my eye lids are weighing down. I could easily see how that could turn bad and one mistake from me could affect many many lives. So being that I recognize that is my achilles heel, I decided that may not be the best environment for my skill set.


Now if you are to be honest with yourself what are you horrible at?  Do you have a hard time being punctual?  Staying away from jobs that are predicated on timelines may be best.  Do customers get under your skin and wear you down?  Then customer service may not be the place for you.  Do you not like listening to others?  Being in a leadership position will be a challenge to say the least.  A lot of times we focus on where we should be or what we will be great at.  However, a crucial portion of that journey is discovering where we should not be as well.


So imagine for a moment, if I had decided to continue down the path of a truck driver.  The years I would of spent working on my craft to go from horrible to just average, doing something I don’t enjoy doing.  It would be akin to the hamster on the wheel, expending a lot of energy putting in a lot of work but not getting anywhere.  That path will not lead you to greatness.  Free yourself from that rodent race, understand where your talents are and where your achilles heel is.


Take time to discover your Achilles Heel.  Be honest with yourself.  Your greatness is not going to come by being great at everything.  Understand that Jordan, one of the all time greats in basketball did not have anywhere near the same success in baseball.  Identify what you are terrible at as that will allow you to be closer to what you are great at.  And it is actually being where you are great at and excelling that will being you greatness.

Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


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