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What makes a someone great?  They can have all of the measurables, good looks, money, intelligence, however none of these guarantee greatness.  There are innumerable amounts of examples throughout history of people tagged as the “Golden Child” or “Marked for Greatness” but never attain this forecasted level of success because something is missing.


So if possessing all of these measurables that we covet do not ensure the success of an individual what is the most accurate determiner?  Jordan had it, Rice had it, Ali had it, Brady has it.  Struggling to determine what they have in common?  It’s not athletic ability, Brady was regarded as a horrible athlete based on his NFL combine.  It’s not strength, Ali lacked the knockout power of some of the other heavyweights of his era.  It’s not speed, Rice was thought to lack the speed needed to be a great WR.  It’s not character, Jordan was loved by fans for his ability but despised by others for how he treated people (Kwame Brown incident & Steve Kerr fight). The one thing that these very different people have in common is the ability to overcome adversity.  No other one thing can measure a person’s likelihood for greatness other than this.


Michael Vick was the number 1 overall pick by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 draft.  Thought to have it all, unreal speed, an uncanny arm and a fan favorite early in his career, he never quite fulfilled what was thought to be his potential.  Although, physically gifted something was missing. He was so naturally talented he wasn’t required to develop other aspects in his game to elevate him to the level of great. Although, later in his career he had an opportunity that most don’t have and change that.  After going to prison for dog fighting he had an opportunity to play with the Philadelphia Eagles.  It was here that Vick showed his ability to overcome adversity.  Being older with diminishing skills and abilities he could not solely rely on those attributes to have success.  As a result, he earned the starting job as the Eagles quarterback, the Comeback Player of the Year  and the second $100 million dollar contract of his career.  With such success later on in his career, we are force to only imagine what the story of Mike Vick could of been like if  his mentality and physically proweless matched up similtaneously.


You have no need to imagine what it could look like for you.  You already have God given gifts, talents and abilities.  Now if you don’t know already, there will be challenges, there will be adversity, the only difference if you will be able to come out on the other side successfully is how you respond.


It’s not what happens to us that matters most, it’s how we respond to what to happens that determines the course of our future.


Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator



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