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Sometimes the things we view as tragedies in the moment are actually God’s blessings in their rawest form. Think about your own personal experiences. Have you prayed for patience or strength before? What about true love or a better relationship with your friends and family? If you pray for it God will test it. If you want more patience you must be placed in situations that require you to exhibit patience. If you succeeded you will have received what you prayed for. If not, then you were not yet ready to receive that gift. However, don’t fret you will soon have another opportunity to show you are ready to receive what you prayed for.   Have you prayed for a better relationship with your friends and family?  If so, there was probably some conflict that ensued.  That conflict was the test.  It revealed how strong or fragile that relationship was at the time and if it is truly a relationship that you want to keep you will practice forgiveness, reconcile and move forward. There is an interesting law in nature that reveals itself prominently in the human body.  Once a bone is broken, that area will start to heal back stronger than it was previously.  So your relationship with your friend may fracture when tested yet it has the ability grow back stronger than before.

If you pray for it God will test it.


So what is the morale of the story?  In life you will be tested and those test will reveal if you are deserving of what you are praying for at this moment.  You are praying to have $1 Million dollars but you cannot even handle the responsibilities that come with $100.  You are praying for the love of your life but you cannot trust yourself enough to say no the the temptation of others.  You are not ready to handle what you are praying for.  So it is the denial of these things that is the true blessing.  For if we were to get what we wanted when we wanted it may be satisfying at that moment but detrimental in the long term.  Like a child who only wants to eat candy, yes the child is happy at the moment when enjoying the treat but a year later when they need multiple root canals because no one was there to protect the child.  So if you are given that million now even though you have a $100 mindset you will end up worst of later, as 70% of lotto winners do.  So if you do find your true love but are still in a playboy mindset you will ruin the opportunity you had of a special love.


Be grateful for the test we receive in life because they will act as a mirror and reveal to yourself if you are in fact truly ready for what you are asking.  If you are ready, fantastic and what are you praying for will truly be a gift from God.  If you are not ready, take that season to prepare, work on your patience, work on your relationships, work on your financial literacy, work on your faithfulness so when you do receive they are a gift and not a curse in disguise.


Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


2 thoughts on “The Test

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏
    Right on time!
    I have been in a holding pattern with some recent prayers and inquiries to the Lord, and this word gave me answers! Amen!

    #empowered #motivated #gettingReady!


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