Run Your Race


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Distractions; those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes off of your goal.  To some they can be ever present to others seemingly nonexistent.  So how do you handle these perils to your success?  It may sound simple, but focus.


Racehorses are viewed as remarkable powerful creatures.  Being able to traverse a mile in a little over a minute, it is a huge event that tens of thousands come out to witness.  The ironic thing about these racehorses is that even though they are immensely powerful creatures at times they do not know the full potential of their power.  They can become easily distracted and frightened by all the other things that come into their vision when not focused on whats in front of them.  So how do they harness all the power and potential that these thoroughbreds have?  A simple fix, a piece of plastic or leather positioned to keep the horse from looking elsewhere but forward.  As a result this creature of immense power uses all of its energy to propel forward towards its goal, not hampered or inhibited by watching the crowd cheering or by the other horses chasing the same goal, or even the beauty of the shrubs, bushes and flowers while moving towards victory.


We are powerful beyond measure, we have potential to do the incredible as long as we stay focused. So block out the cellphone calling out for your attention. Block out Netflix plotting to steal your time.  Remain focused, despite the spectators cheering for or against you.  Remain focused, despite how others are running the race against you.  Remain focused despite  the beauty of the scenery around you.  There is a time for you to enjoy all of those distractions and there is a time to run your race.


Make sure when it is race time you have your blinders on and focus on solely that!


Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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