The Call of the Wild


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Would you rather live in the wild or in the zoo? Now take a moment and think about it before you answer. Now in the wild you only eat what you kill. Some days the hunt will be great and you will have more than enough and feast on a water buffalo. Other days you will have to settle for a gazelle and barely get by. Other days still, will be worst and no matter how great of a hunter you are or how phenomenal your tactics are you will come up empty handed and go hungry.


Now how about the zoo. Well first there is no hunting necessary. In the zoo you know that your food will be provided to you twice a day. No matter how fit or unfit, fast or slow, clever or otherwise. Each day, twice a day. But there is no such thing as a free meal so what is the price for this certainty and security? Well they have a job to do. From the hours of 9am – 5pm they are working. They need to be up by a certain time, it is decided for them what time they eat lunch, and are encouraged to perform for their audience. 


This situation parallels the choice of livelihood of most people today.  You can either choose to live in the wilds of this economy as an entrepreneur or live in security behind the gates of a zoo.  As an entrepreneur you earn only what you deserve.  If you do the work and are successful you are rewarded for those results.  In other words, you only eat what you kill.  At a job you are rewarded twice a month for being present, not necessarily for how great you perform.  At a job you have that security and certainty that you will be rewarded twice a month.  Now everyone is different. Some people prefer freedom over security and some prefer that security and certainty over freedom. It is not my place to say if one is better than another, it is more a matter of how you want your life to look.  Is your ideal life enjoying the freedom to do what you want to do and be where you want to be when you choose?  If so, are you willing to live with the uncertainty of when your next meal is going to come and only eating what you kill?  Or does your ideal life thrive more on structure, security and certainty?  Where it is more important to KNOW that you will be feed at a certain time each day, where you have an idea what your day will consist of.  So again I ask you, would you rather live in the wild or in the zoo?  The choice is yours to make.  


Enjoy the thrill of living wild and free or be content with the security in the confines of your zoo.

Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


One thought on “The Call of the Wild

  1. 👏👏👏✊ this is good…. pros and cons on both sides of life; but no bondage, no matter how secure, is worth surrendering your liberty. No matter how convenient it feels 😎 but we must find the fight within to want it bad enough took get (and keep) it… 💜

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