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How many of us say that we want to change something, whether with ourselves or in our environment. We promise to ourselves and say this time or this year is going to be different. We say we are going ALL IN! Yet that enthusiasm only lasts until we run into our first roadblock. The issue is not the roadblock, the issue is with us. We are not truly committed to the process to get to where we want to be.  We are merely committed to the idea while the process is easy.  However, that is no real commitment.  It is easy to say you are committed to something when things are going well, there is no challenge to your beliefs or values, there is no sacrifice necessary.  The litmus test then is what do you do when your back is against the wall, do you fight or do you flee?


The Honey Badger is considered the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom.  Known for not caring what obstacles are in its way they are determined to get what they want.  As their name suggest, they are partial to the honey that bees produce and whether high up in trees are burrowing underground they, are not discouraged.  Even the ferocity of killer bee swarms, that have been known to sting humans and animals alike to death, do not keep these creatures from going into the center of this killer hive for one of their favorite meals.  Another staple of their diet, snakes which cause fear in many creatures, are just another meal to honey badgers.  Even when bitten by some of the most poisonous snakes that inject enough venom to kill 5-6 adult humans, the honey badger sleeps for about 2 – 3 hours to wear off the effects and goes back at it again. In a home full of many deadly predators, honey badgers are undeterred and remain ferocious regardless if their opponent is a venomous cobra or some of Africa’s big cats.  Whether burrowing down below the tough African terrain, climbing trees, poisoned by deadly snakes or in the jaws of lions, the honey badger remains committed.


Have you been stung by circumstance and feel like your commitment is being poisoned?  Be like the honey badger, sleep that off and keep going!  Do you feel that life has its jaws around your throat?  Be like the honey badger, turn around and bite back!  With whatever you decide to commit to, be it a person, a mission, a cause or goal; dig deep and rise up, go all in and be committed!


There is no compromise with commitment, you either commit all the way or you do not commit at all. 

Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


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