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A leak occurs in your house, who do you call? The plumber of course, unless you are a plumber, then maybe you’ll call yourself but thats a whole other story. Anyway I digress, you’ll call a plumber. So the plumber comes out to take a look at this leak that is driving you insane. And its not just the constant drip, drip, drip but knowing that every hour that drip persists your water bill rises. He comes in you show him where the drip is occurring and he grabs his flashlight, changes his vantage point and after 5 minutes of inspecting the source of your tourture, he says I’ll be right back and vanishes to his van. He comes back with his wrench in one hand and a small rubber object in the other hand. He assumes the previous position and 60 seconds later that drip that tormented you for so long is gone. In its place is a $100 bill. That momentary elation that you had has turned into disbelief. Now you appreciate what the plumber did but you are curious as to how, not even 10 minutes of work could cost so much. Not a timid person, you ask the question plaguing your mind. The plumber cracks a sly grin as this is not the first time a person has ask that. He responds, it was $1 for the part and $99 for knowing how to fix the problem. 


How many times in our lives are we faced with a situation that annoys us, aggravates us, that we desire to change but are unable to. We may work harder, put in more hours, we may even have the right tools however its the “Know How” that is the final piece that is missing.  So what do we do in those situations?  Do we dare to humble ourselves and pay tution for the expensive lesson, do we choose attend the School of Hard Knocks, where the classes are longer and the tuition you pay is not financial?  Either route you choose that “Know How” is a critical component to your success.  Having all the tools and being in the right position and analyzing the situation are all great starts however, if you don’t know what to do when there then the changes that you ultimately want to effect are not going to come to fruition.  


Having an issue with your electricity, reach out to an electrician.  Having an issue with pests, reach out to an exterminator.  Having an issue with your health, reach out to a doctor.  Want to have more success in your life, life coach it is.  Lacking motivation, Jay the Motivator at your service.  Bottom line, reach out to that expert, learn from their experience, and get the know how needed to achieve your personal greatness.


If you are on the precipice of greatness, the only thing that may be keeping you rooted in the land of mediocrity is the lack of knowing how to cross that chasm.  Many have done what it is that you are looking to accomplish.  Learn from them, study in their classes and you too can have the “Know How” worth 100 times as much as your parts.

Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


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