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Giving back is one of those things that most people don’t really focus on. Usually people want to accumulate as much stuff as possible, which does not leave much to give to others. However, giving is what allows us to have a “Great” life. Giving, whether through material things or our service as Muhammad Ali said, “is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”   So what does it look like to give back? Is it giving every dollar you have in your wallet to a homeless person on the street? Or does it look like volunteering at an after school center? It can look like any and all of those things. Whether giving back monetarily or giving back with your time, is in consequential. The thing that does matter is choosing to give back.


Jack Taylor, the founder of Enterprise Holdings was born in 1922 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was a decorated fighter pilot in World War II on the USS Enterprise that returned back to St. Louis after the war where he eventually started a car leasing business, called Executive Leasing Company. He eventually expanded the company out of St. Louis and differentiated his company from his competitors by focusing on neighborhoods instead of airports and the company was renamed to Enterprise. By 1980 he had a fleet of about 6,000 cars and 9 years later expanded to 50,000 cars and changed the name to Enterprise Rent a Car. His growth and success continued and by 1992 generated its first billion dollars in revenues and by 1995 doubled that number. Fast-forward to today and it generates over $15 billion in revenues and is the largest rental car company in the world.


The success of his company has been incredible over the years. Starting from a handful of cars to over 1 million vehicles today. He understood that the success he was receiving was not for him alone but was his responsibility to share with others. One of his founding values “we strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time,” are not just words of his commitment yet are backed up through the Taylor Foundation. Which is the charitable portion through which the family donates. The company support of the United Way and the host of other charities catered to based on the needs of the communities that they are located in. These donations summed up to earn him 11th of The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 2015 50 list of America’s top donors.


It is not necessary to be a billionaire to give back.  You can mentor to those you work with, act as a “big brother” to kids in your community or something as simple as giving a smile or kind words to a person having a rough day.


Who will you give back to today?


Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


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