Don’t Forget to Breathe 


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I have to accomplish this, I must finish that, I have to check off the next item on my todo list! Ever feel like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Thats an overwhelming feeling that can lead to nowhere. Because you feel there is so much todo you do nothing, accomplish nothing and move nowhere. Don’t forget to breathe! You want to be a ferocious animal, a BEAST, a LION!!! However, a lion is not hunting 24 hours a day, they take time to breathe and still they are the King of the Jungle.




Contrary to popular belief a lion is not always hunting, instead they typically spend 20 hours of their day resting.  During the day when most things are up and moving about they are relaxing under the trees staying out of the sun and spending time with their pride.  They don’t forget to breathe.  So how does a creature that spends over 80% of his time relaxing rule the Sahara? Simple,when it’s time to hunt, it hunts! It is not distracted by cellphones, by Netflix, by Instagram or Snapchat. The couple of hours that it is hunting, it is all in!  It practices for years as a cub for this one thing, as an adult it studies and watches the movements of its prey.  It surrounds itself with like minded individuals who have the same goal in mind and it is equipped with a mentality of going all in!  If you want to be a lion; train, study, create your circle of influence and go ALL IN!




Make sure you take time to breathe! You have times to hunt, and be as ferocious as any apex predator. You take no prisoners, you are hunting to feed your family and yourself. You know it’s either hunt or starve. You also must have times to rest, smell the flowers, take in the sun, and enjoy time with your friends. You cannot have one without the other.  I encourage you to rest and enjoy the life you are living.  However, to really enjoy it make sure that when you are hunting you go all in!



What are you hesitating on going all in on?


Dream BIG, Be Great

Jay The Motivator


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