Diamonds are Forever


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It makes sense when the pressure is at its height we feel it the most. We feel like we can’t take anymore yet its at this point we must continue to endure. Our breakthrough is often right next to our breaking point. Due to this we must ensure that we endure through those trying times.


What is the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia? Well for one if you want to get married and present this to your intended, she may not be too happy when she finds out that she wasn’t given the real thing.  Now they look good on the outside and can be created to show many different colors.  Yet and still we value diamonds more because we understand that whats inside will always largely determine the value of something.  Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on this planet because of what it goes through to become.  It is not solely the heat that creates diamonds, as a cubic zirconia is faced with immense heat itself.  It is the pressure that it must endure that helps it become.  It is this intrinsic value that determines it’s extrinsic worth.


What is true for diamonds here is true of us as well.  At times we may get so caught up in how something may appear on the outside that the look, the luster and color is how we may attribute how much  something is worth.  What kind of car does a person drive, what kind of job does a person have or even their color determines how we may value them.  We must remember how we value these precious stones.  They are not precious simply because of how they appear but rather because of what it takes for one to be formed.  It is the same with us.  It is not our outward appearance that makes us precious, it is the what is inside of us that does.  Our character, how we respond to life’s challenges, it is those pressures that makes us.  So you can either live your life as a cubic zirconia, an imitation.  Or undergo what all diamonds must go through and come out as one of the hardest substances in the world,  where the beauty on the outside is exceeded by its quality what’s inside.


As you continue through life embrace the pressure that you will face as it is only through pressure that you can transform into a diamond.

Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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