The Enemy of Opportunity


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What is the greatest adversary to opportunity? The familiar. It may sound strange however, take a moment to ponder. First, what is opportunity. Webster says, “a situation in which something can be done.” That sounds simple enough but what does it look like? When you think of opportunity when it comes to your job, it may be a promotion. Expanding the scope of your present responsibilities or a completely new set  of responsibilities. Change. Doing something new. The unfamiliar. 


The fear of the unknown is one of the most common. We love the familiar so much that we become hesitant when we don’t know what to expect. That hesitation, that pause is all that it takes to miss out on opportunity. However, opportunity is never really lost it simply is seized by the person bold enough to operate in spite of the unknown. 

What is it that you truly desire?  A nice house, expensive car or are your desires more altruistic?  Helping the homeless, teaching the leaders of tomorrow being a mentor to those in need. Whatever it is, you will be faced with an opportunity and what you do with that opportunity will determine your future.


Tom Brady, future Hall of Famer and considered one of the greatest Quarterback of All Time was the 6th round pick in the 2000 draft.  He started the season as the 4th quarterback on the depth chart going 1 for 3 for six yards as he worked his way up to number 2.  It was his sophomore season that would change his life.  Drew Bledsoe, the starting quarterback for the Patriots at the time, suffered an injury which created an opportunity that Tom Brady took advantage of.  Brady, a quarterback that struggled for his starting job in college, finally had an opportunity in the Pros.  During that season he led the Patriots to win 11 of the 14 games he started, a playoff berth and a Super Bowl title.  He knew what he desired.  Faced with an opportunity he did not hesitant he did something with it.  What are doing with your opportunities?


Embrace the unfamiliar, learn to love the uncertain, forge into the unknown for that is where you can truly take advantage of the full scope of opportunity.

Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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