The Road to Greatness



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I was driving this morning and I was in the passing lane but wasn’t passing anybody. I try and look to see through the car in front of me (Car 1) to see what the hold up was. Lo and behold there was a car in front of that person (Car 2) going 65 with nothing but space in front of him. Now Car 1 rode the bumper of Car 2 for a couple of miles in an effort to get him to move and switch lanes but to no avail. Finally, I imagine Car 1 got frustrated switched lanes and took off well beyond Car 2. Now no matter how bad Car 1 wanted Car 2 to move he simply would not and stayed in his lane at his pace. It wasn’t until Car 1 was frustrated and uncomfortable in his spot, being able to see the open road in front of him but not take advantage of the opportunity. It was only at this point that Car 1 DID something about it and was able to take advantage of what was laid out in front of him. How many of us continue to wait and get frustrated, irritated and irate about our position when the power to change that resides within us? It is far easier to make a change with yourself rather than waiting on others to change for you. 


Charles S. Dutton , an actor and director who probably most known for his roles in Rudy, Alien 3, Roc and OZ has been acting since 1985 and appeared in numerous movies and television shows.  However, prior to his success on the big and small stage he was in prison for killing a man.  At age 17 this middle school drop out got into a fight that resulted in the death of another man.  He was convicted of manslaughter and spent the next 7 years in prison.  Months after getting out he ended up back in prison, this time for 3 years. During his second stint in prison he ended up in solitary confinement for 6 days and allowed to bring in one book with him.  He accidentally, grabbed an anthology of black playwrights which he enjoyed.  He made a deal with the warden to put on a Christmas talent show if he got his GED.  Dutton did and eventually earned his Associate degree, Bachelor degree and graduated with a Master’s degree  from Yale.  He spent the majority of his youth trying to get others to change and bend the world to his will which ended in 2 prison stints.  He took the chance on reading a book and decided to make a change in himself.  He got out of the lane hindering him from the full scope of opportunities ahead and went from convict to graduate; from jail to Yale.


Get out of the prison of limitations that you are serving time in.  Release yourself from the confines of mediocrity.  Get behind the wheel, take charge of your life and speed the down the road to your personal greatness.


If you are stuck behind another car on your highway of life. I encourage you to not just ride his bumper. Make a change, switch lanes and enjoy the all the opportunity that lay in front of you.

Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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