Great Marketing or Great Product



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While driving to work I saw a billboard for Birth of a Nation. Now couple thoughts ran through my mind. One, it’s amazing that billboards are still a viable option for advertising. Second, if I were operating with a limited budget would billboards be my choice of alerting people to my movie. Thirdly, it seems that an organic grassroots social media campaign would be the best Return On Investment (ROI) however, they may be executing that campaign, it just hasn’t made it to me. Fourthly, (ok it was a little more than a couple of thoughts) based on the standing ovations at various movie festivals this may be an outstanding movie.

So I asked myself the question, that others in business have asked since the first wingtip was laced up. What is more important, great marketing or a great product? Now before everyone starts to cite business stories from college or marketing books to make their argument. My initial reaction is that most would say of course you want both, however if you could only choose one, great marketing and an average product would be chosen over average marketing and a great product. It makes sense. Think about McDonalds or Subway. There are many people who can make a better burger or sandwich than both of these businesses yet McDonalds has over 36,000 locations worldwide with its average burger and Subway has over 43,000 locations with its mediocre sandwich. However, that burger spot that makes an amazing hamburger only has one location and someday hopes to be able to open up a second location. The difference? Everyone knows about McDonalds and relatively few people know about the local spot.

Apply that to your life or your passion. You could be the best carpenter there is but if people do not know that you can do the work how can they utilize your services? And because of your lack of marketing the house you were destined to build will never be constructed. The people who needed shelter will continue to go without because you did not spread the word. So does that mean great marketing is more important than the product? Honestly that depends on your objectives. However, do you typically go to McDonalds or Subway because their food tastes phenomenal or because it’s convenient?


So ask yourself what good is spreading the word if your product/service leaves your clientele wanting? Does it serve you to have a massive amount of people try out your service to be only somewhat satisfied, when the likelihood of them being a repeat customer is minuscule? Or do you desire to build something a little more lasting? Something that can stand the test of time?  Think before you agree. What does that entail? Perfecting your product, honing your craft, building a loyal following based on the quality of what you provide. Fulfilling your commitment to your customers, never over promising, simply over delivering. It is far easier to get the word out about what you are doing than to actually put in the time necessary to develop and perfect your what you are offering. Do not just do what is easy.



What comes easy is typically not worth having. It is said it takes 10,000 hours to gain mastery over something, start putting in your time now.


Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


One thought on “Great Marketing or Great Product

  1. You would mention subway and McDonald lol🙄 All in all a great read . So my question to you is how are you going to enhance your marketing for this so your greatness can truly neve heard?

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