Champion or Quitter


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A little more. Keep pushing. You’re almost there. Why is it that when we are closest to our breakthrough is when we almost breakdown? When you are on the verge of success is when you want to quit. 

What separates those who make it happen and those who don’t? Is it money? Is it time? How about skill or intelligence? None of the above. Perseverance and heart. There is something to say about a person that refuses to quit. There is something to say about the person that continues no matter how many time life beats you down. Yet very little to be said about the person who stays down after tripping over the first hurdle. 


Jeffrey Julmis, you may be familiar with the name if not it is one worth knowing. He is a Haitian sprinter who represented his country in Rio for the Olympics. While not as popular as the Fastest Man in the World, he made his country proud even without winning a medal. The Haitian athlete lined up in the starting blocks ever confident in the showing that was seconds away from taking place. He did give a memorable performance, however just not in the way he was planning. As the gun sounded he took off and approached the first hurdle. Whether he mistimed it or couldn’t elevate high enough the result was him slamming into the first hurdle and tumbling head over heels into the second set of hurdles. Imagine being on this grand stage in front of the world and falling on your face. Yet what he did next is what separates him from those who make it happen and those who don’t. He took a moment, composed himself, got up and finished the race. 


Now it didn’t look like he wanted it to look as I am sure he would have much rather won the gold however he won something worth more. Take whatever you imagine as your worst failure and multiple it by 8 Billion. That is what Jeffrey Julmis endured and if he can survive falling in front of the world I’m sure you can survive falling in front of your neighborhood, coworkers or family. After his experience with that first hurdle he was determined not to let the other obstacles stop him from his mission. He, already at that point, experienced his worst nightmare and that is how he learned he was strong enough to get up.


Some of us may not have ever experienced falling and its that fear that paralyzes us from doing the extraordinary because its out of that comfort zone that we may experience that unpleasant feeling. Yet if you never fall you will never know if you are strong enough to get up!

I dare you to run your race. So what if you fall. Get up, persevere, and persistent until your race is complete. You just might surprise yourself and earn the cheers of millions because you did the hard thing and kept going instead of quitting. 

Pain will only last a short time but being a Champion or Quitter are forever. Choose one. 

Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator

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