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When taking a new way home because of traffic in Atlanta (I know, surprise surprise traffic in Atlanta) my gps was taking me some strange way that didn’t make sense to me. I’m trying to go North and its taking me East. I’m trying to take the highway and its telling me to get on some local streets. I almost got to the point where I’m like nevermind, I’m just going to go my own way. Anybody got to that point? 




Then I realized, that understanding is not a requirement for following.


Wow! How many times do we think we NEED to understand the plan before we follow it?  How many times do we think we NEED to know the whole plan before we execute it?  Life does not operate on that principle. We must be able to move in increments. Imagine not driving home from work until all the traffic lights were green. Anyone want to sign up for that? No. You drive, you move forward step by step, light by light, incrementally. You progress! If we are ok moving incrementally here, why not elsewhere? What’s the difference? In the car we know where we want to be, we just may not know all the turns. In life we know where we want to go (if we have a goal that is. If not click here) we just may not know all the twists and turns. In the car we are the pilot, controlling our direction and navigating obstacles as they arise. In life we are the pilot, controlling our direction and navigating obstacles as they arise. In the car we use our gps to guide us. Hmmm… Could that be it. What are we using to guide us in life? What is the gps for our life?  What do you have faith in that will take you from where you are to where you want to be?




Mariano Rivera is widely regarded as the best closer in MLB history.  He lived in Puerto Caimito, a fishing village in Panama where soccer was his sport of choice.  So how did he become a 13 time Allstar and World Series MVP over 4,000 miles away for the New York Yankees?  Faith.  It wasn’t his plan to play professional baseball, let alone for the Yankees.  He just knew he did not want to be a fisherman.  It was by chance that he was called to pitch, although he never pitched before and subsequently caught the eye of New York Yankee scout for Latin America.  This eventually led to opportunities in the minors where he sustained a major injury that required surgery to his arm.  He recovered and showed an unbelievable improvement to his pitching speed, which he attributed to God.  Even with this improvement he wasn’t the dominate force that he became known as, that came later.  Next, almost by accident he discovered his signature pitch, the “cutter”.  He considered it an errant throw and after trying to “fix” it for over a month no avail accepted and used it.  When asked about the origin of his cutter, he replied that, “it was just from God.  I didnt do anything.  It was natural”.  He used this pitch over 80% of the time and became one of the most dominant players in baseball.




Now it may not be your goal to end up 4,000 miles from home but if you have faith in the right gps you will make it there.  It won’t be overnight and you won’t know all the twists and turns that are going to be required of you, however the right guide will get you there.


Discover your own “cutter”, use it and dominate the game of life!




Dream BIG, Be Great!

Jay The Motivator



4 thoughts on “GPS

  1. Haha, right on time. I’m working a new project/area of interest and was pylled into it, but with this insight worry decreases tremendously…. I just have to use what I have 👍 those God given talents to rise up! I got it! One Love

  2. Well well well… This is a very interesting read. I must say I believe that Drew is my GPS. Whatever is best for him is my driving force in being the best mom ever. You always seem to pull a great article out of no where. 👌🏾👍🏾

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