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I have been doing a cleanse which has been a challenge but more mental than physical. The hunger pangs and headaches that people commonly talk about have not been troublesome. What has been disturbing is my reoccurring craving for a spicy chicken sandwich with lettuce tomatoes and no mayo with a large fry from Wendys. A time or two I can understand. Craving a variety of foods makes sense because hey, I’m abstaining from food. Yet this one reoccurring craving for a particular meal. It leads me to self assess and ask a question of myself. Am I addicted?


What else am I addicted to? What other harmful behaviors, habits, beliefs am I addicted to that are doing me harm, that are keeping me from being the best version of myself?




People. One of the biggest addictions we have, yet not realize are people. Friendships, romantic relationships, family ties, work relationship all can be addictive. I’m sure we all have experienced that relationship that we can’t let go but is no good. Beliefs. What beliefs are we addicted to that are keeping us from fulfilling our greatest potential? When things happen do we believe it was someone else’s fault and place the blame on them or take responsibility? Behaviors. What behaviors are we addicted to that are keeping us from fulfilling our greatest potential? Is waiting until the last minute to start and complete a task keeping you from achieving your heights? If so it is time to break the addiction. Remove those chains that bind you to mediocrity. Remove those ropes that hold you back from reaching your full potential.




Samuel L. Jackson, now the highest grossing actor in the world and one of the most consistent actors was once addicted to drinking and drugs. He was still working during this period of his life, appearing in stage shows however; he had yet to give his breakthrough performance. Things came to a head when he was found passed out in his kitchen by his wife and 8 year daughter surrounded by drug paraphernalia. He checked into rehab after that to break this addiction. Two weeks after being freed from the shackles of addiction he finally had his breakout role, ironically as a crack head in the Spike Lee Joint, Jungle Fever. From there he received more offers and had an opportunity to showcase his talent and gift to a wider audience and has appeared in over 150 films including Coming to America, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Shaft, Star Wars and Marvel films. Over the past 20 years he has remained faithful to his gift and not allowed addiction to cause him to stray.




Self assess. Take this time to realize what you are addicted to. Abstain from that and free yourself from what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.


Give up those harmful addictions that are weighing you down.  You are the only thing keeping you from soaring amongst the eagles.  Leave the bread scraps for the pigeons and reach the heights of your potential.




Be Great!

Jay The Motivator




4 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Yes! I love this article. So applicable to us all. I love fasting, 3 day – 5 day – 7 day – 10 day – 14 day – as many as 21 days fasting on water. Mind over matter, food is the strongest emotion. # in

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