Tipping Point



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A little more. Keep pushing. You’re almost there. Why is it that when we are closest to our breakthrough is when we almost breakdown? When you are on the verge of success is when you want to quit. It is at this “tipping point” that you are able to make the transition from good to great. That’s all well and good to know how critical this tipping point is however now what? What action do you take at this junction? Massive Action! It’s at this point that inaction, slowing down or letting up means the death of your dreams while continuing to push forward with increased intensity will give life to them.




Why is it that when we are closest to our breakthrough is when we almost breakdown?


Joanne Rowling, better known as J.K. Rowling is the author of the famed Harry Potter series. A series that have led to 7 best selling books, the second highest grossing film series in history and taken her from living on state benefits to become a multi-millionaire in a 5 year period.  During this 5 year period she taught at night and wrote during the day. She got married, had a daughter, separated from her husband and moved to another country. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated committing suicide. She signed up for welfare benefits all while completing her manuscript on an old typewriter. She sent her manuscript to 12 publishing houses, all which rejected it. A year later she finally secured a publisher who advised her to get a day job, as there was little chance of making money in Children’s books. This whole period was almost her breakdown. Most people would have stopped writing when dealing with these obstacles. They would have slowed down when faced with these hurdles. They would have let up when life pushed back hard. However, she kept pushing forward, day by day, word by word, page by page.




This action took her pass her tipping point where everything seemed to be failing apart to now where things fell in place. The inspiration for her first Harry Potter book came to her while waiting for a delayed train, has since become one of the fastest selling book series in history. When advised that she should have a day job, as a children’s book will never sell, became the first U.S. dollar billionaire by writing books.




In the pursuit of our greatness we will encounter our tipping point, a crucial point of our journey that will determine how the story we write will end; either in the joy of achieving our greatness or the sorrow of failing ourselves and never reaching the heights that we were meant to. Where are you now? Are you at your tipping point? Are you still in your season of grind? Have you slowed down or let up? Be honest with yourself and take massive action to achieve your greatness.


When it is the hardest, toughest and most challenging, that is a sign that you  are near your breakthrough.  Keep Going!




Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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