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What’s in your wallet? Is the phrase Samuel L. Jackson made famous in the Capital One commercial.  However, I have a more telling question; What’s in your character?  Is it loyalty, is it integrity, how about persistence or consistency? What is it that fills up the body that you inhabit?  Being intelligent is great and can assist you in the game of life however it will not assure you success.  Being rich is great and can aid you in building a life of worth, however it will not guarantee it.  What will serve you; Persistence, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence…”  What will serve you; Consistency, “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”



What does persistence look like?  At one point it looked like Thomas Edison, famed American inventor, who needed over 1,000 attempts before he created the light bulb.  It also looked like Walt Disney, creator of Disney Studios and everyone’s favorite animated mouse, had several failed businesses and even fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination.  It can look like you!  Once you decide what it is that you want, vehemently and enthusiasticly pursue it, regardless of what setbacks you may encounter.



It can look like you!  Once you decide what it is that you want, vehemently and enthusiasticly pursue it, regardless of what setbacks you may encounter.

What does consistency look like?  It looks like Samuel L. Jackson, the highest grossing actor in the world.  Since the 80’s Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in more than 150 films and his movies have a box office gross of over $7 billion dollars!  Averaging 3 films a year it seems as he is often working on multiple projects at the same time.  It looks like Jerry Rice, often ranked as the best football player of all-time.  Jerry Rice was Mr. Consistency, appearing in 10 Pro-Bowls consecutively and 11 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.  It can look like you!  Once you decide what consistent actions it will take for you to achieve your dreams.




Persistence and consistency are not the only traits that you will need to assist you as you create your light bulb or build your Hall of Fame career.  However, they will be the foundation upon everything else is built.  “Every master, was once a disaster,” so it is inevitable that you will stumble or fall at some point.  Everyone who has ever tried anything new has that in common.  What the Great have in common is they got up and tried it again and persisted with it until they became.  Everyone who has ever wanted to be more than what they are has undertaken new action. What the Great have in common is that they are consistent with that action.  Which group will you belong to?  Hint: this question can only be answered through your actions.  Everyday you get up you have the opportunity to answer that question and choose if you will be consistent and persistent long enough to be Great.


Persistence and consistency go hand in hand.  Decide what you want, go for it, stumble, fall, get up, and do it daily until you have it!


Be Great!

Jay The Motivator



One thought on “Character: Get Some!

  1. Another awesome article! Real world….real truth! In Christianity we often say, You can attain THINGS, but its your character that will keep you! I love the quote by motivational speaker Les Brown that says (paraphrasing) When life knocks you down, look up! Cause if you can look up, you can get up!
    Thank you for teaching others how to press towards greatness. In order for Millennials and the generation after them to be successful we need to enlighten them and expand their thinking into a realm of greatness! Be blessed Jay!

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