How Bad Do You Want It?



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If it’s important you’ll make time. If it’s not you’ll make an excuse. That’s how simple it is. If that person is important you’ll make time to see them. If they are not, you’ll simply make an excuse. If working out is important to you, you’ll wake up early or go to bed late to do it. If it’s not you’ll say I’m too tired, maybe tomorrow. If buying a house is important to you, you’ll sacrifice going out, vacations, you may even move back in with your parents to save up to make it happen. If it’s not you’ll just say I need to make more money because you don’t want to sacrifice.




Everything in life that your mind can conceive, you can achieve. Life is your blank canvas for the painting. You decide if it’s a masterpiece that others will admire for generations or if it becomes something you are afraid for the public to see.




One of my goals in my late 20’s was to buy my own house. I decided that I would give myself a little over a year and set my due date as December 2014. Now at the time I had a pretty nice apartment in a nice part of town, with a great balcony view that I could look out and just reflect on life. It was a nice bachelor pad complete with the big screen tv, leather couch and wine rack. It was comfortable and I felt a certain level of accomplishment at the time. However, I knew that if I wanted to accomplish my goal I would have to sacrifice living here.


In order to get something different, you have to do something different.



I was never a fan of roommates, however my friend and I decided to move into a place together. My motivation was my future house. I knew I could save so much more and put myself in a better situation later. For the time being though I was situated in a basement with most of my stuff in storage. No bedroom or living room so I purchased room dividers to separate the open space. Here I am, doing well in Corporate America yet living in the basement like I’m barely scraping by. I sacrificed my comfort to accomplish my goal. Being roommates can be tough which I realized about 6 months later. The result was moving into my mothers house. Here I am a grown man in his late 20’s moving back in

Sacrifice4.jpgwith his Mother, feeling like a failure. However, I understood what I wanted to accomplish and embraced the suck. Now to be clear living with my Mom is not what sucked. What sucked was the painting that I was creating did not look how I thought it should and I judged the creation before it was finished. My values of independence, being strong for my family, and setting a good example seemed to be at odds with my current living arrangements. However, I sacrificed my pride to accomplish my goal.


My sacrifices were not in vain as I remained true to the promise I made myself over a year prior and I purchased my first home in December. Now the value of my home is worth more than the loan from the bank, and no, its not because the house appreciated or I got a great deal. What gives my home value are the sacrifices I made to accomplish my goal. It was giving up my apartment, moving in with my friend, jeopardizing that friendship, having to move back in with my Mom, not taking any vacations that year, limiting my dating, all to actualize the promise I made to myself.




I was not gifted with an inheritance or any special considerations because of who my parents are or my last name. I had the same 24 hours in 2014 as I did in 2013. The only difference was what was I willing to sacrifice. We all have goals and aspirations. It may not be to buy a house, however it could be a promotion or to write a book or develop a better relationship with your parents. Whatever it is, the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be is sacrifice. Sometimes you need to give up, to go up. What are you willing to sacrifice to create your masterpiece?


In life you can have anything that your mind can conceive, the question becomes what will you sacrifice to achieve?



Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


7 thoughts on “How Bad Do You Want It?

  1. So inspirational! Thank you for this. Everyone, not just young people but all need to know the importance of sacrifice in order to achieve their desires. I will surely share this article..I know many people that are stuck and have been “talking” about doing things but never made the move to make it come into reality. All things are possible but as you said, what are YOU willing to sacrifice! Awesome article!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad it resonated with you! Everything we want is just on the other side of sacrifice regardless of age. However, do we have enough faith to go through it or are we letting fear guide our decisions.

  2. Fantastic piece. I have to get rid of my pride in order to sacrificing create the life that I will be proud to present to my parents. Thank you for this Jason.


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