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If I died today would I have left a mark? Honestly, I’m scared to answer that question. If I’m truthful with myself the answer would NOT be a resounding “yes” and that scares the mess out of me. How can I go back to the Creator having failed to do the ONE thing that He made me for? How could I be in His presence with unfulfilled Purpose? And if the reason for my disobedience was inquired, the truth would be “because I was Lazy”. The truth would be “because I felt Fear”.

What if Harriet Tubman was Lazy? Would she have made her mark? What would have became of the lives of all of those people she led to freedom? Literally generations and families would have been decimated and not existed because she was Lazy. What lives am I failing because I am being Lazy? What families and generations are not being impacted because I am being disobedient to God’s Purpose for me?

What if Moses allowed fear to keep him from fulfilling God’s Mission for his life? Would he have still made his mark? The lives of a whole nation of people were impacted by his actions.  Think about that, God made a point to come and talk to Moses and tell him his Purpose and even with that Moses was still hesitant because he was afraid.  Now the reason Moses left his mark is not because he wasn’t afraid but because he moved in spite of fear.  He felt fear and kept going.  What lives am I failing because I am choosing fear over faith?  What nations of people are not being impacted because I am being disobedient to God’s Purpose for me?


“Don’t be afraid.  Just have faith.” Mark 5:36


We all are here for a Purpose.  Some of us may know what it is and others are still unaware what we are here for.  Regardless, God is counting on you to leave your mark, just like Harriet Tubman and Moses.  It is your gift that will free others.  It is your gift that will free yourself from mediocrity. It is your gift that will free yourself from obscurity and allow you to leave your mark!  One of the biggest compliments that I was given recently  was, “x, y, LeaveYourMark1and z happened to me and I thought about what you said and because of that I kept going.” The Gifts that we have hold no value unless we share them and once we do we are able to start to leave our mark.  Today I learned that lesson, and because I replaced my fear with faith a person decided to keep pushing.  Today I learned that because I make the choice each day not to be Lazy and prepare myself with knowledge, a person made a decision to be great and take action.  Today I learned that, because I believe in God’s Purpose for me, I was able to leave my mark.


Leave your Mark today, because God’s Purpose for your life is bigger than your fears.


Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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