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I was driving to work and wondering what my next article will be about. I thought I have to wait until God gives me the topic, you can’t just call for inspiration and it comes to you, or can you?


What inspires you? What have you been inspired to do lately? More importantly, who have you been inspired TO BE lately? The answer to these questions will reveal a lot about who
you are. Are you inspired by a person? Is it your mother or father, your wife or husband, Inspiration13.jpgyour son or daughter? What have you been inspired to do? Volunteer at a homeless shelter, write that book, learn another language, dance like no one is looking, workout consistently, eat healthier? What are you inspired to be? A teacher, a mentor, a leader, a student, or improve what you already are? Becoming a better son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, husband or wife.


What inspires you? What have you been inspired to do lately? More importantly, who have you been inspired TO BE lately? The answer to these questions will reveal a lot about who you are.


Harriet Tubman, was born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland. Her maternal grandmother, Modesty arrived in the United States on a slave ship from Africa.  Harriet Tubman’s  mother, Rit, perhaps from knowing her Ashanti lineage, struggled to keep their family together during slavery. At one point the slave owner attempted to sell Harriet Tubman’s youngest brother, Moses. Her mother Rit went as far as hiding her son Moses for a month. When the slave owner came back at a later time to sell her son she exclaimed that, “You are after my son; but the first man that come into my house, I will split his head open.” The Inspiration2.jpgslave owner left and cancelled the sale. This event inspired the belief that resistance was possible. After the slave owner’s death, Harriet Tubman decided that she did not want to wait and see what would become of her as the slave owner’s widow was working to sell off the slaves. This was the final push that she needed to escape from Maryland to Pennsylvania via the Underground Railroad. Over the next 10 years she made 19 trips back to the South and freed over 300 slaves. Harriet Tubman or Moses as she was also known, was inspired by her desire for her family to be free together. She was inspired to time and time again go back into the South to show her family and the families of others the way to freedom. She was inspired TO BE an abolitionist, a hero, a follower of God and the Moses of the Common Era.


Melissa Stockwell, was a first lieutenant serving in the Iraq War. She became the first female soldier to lose a limb in that war, losing her left leg to a roadside bomb when she was leading a convoy in Baghdad. As part of her physical therapy at the Walter Reed Hospital, she began to swim and a visit from John Register from the United States Olympic Inspiration5.jpgCommittee’s Paralympic Military and Veteran Program presented on the Paralympic Games. This event inspired her to a dream and led to her training to compete in the 2008 Paralympic Games. After the Paralympic Games she switched to the Paratriathlon and became a multiple US National Paratriathlon Champion as well as being named USAT Paratriathlete of the Year for 2010 and 2011. She gained national attention after insurance company, The Hartford, launched its Achieve Without Limits ad campaign. She was inspired by a presentation about the Paralympic Games. She was inspired to not only rehabilitate but train to be a Paralympic Athlete. She was inspired TO BE a survivor, a Paratriathlete of the Year and an example to others.


Inspiration can come from inside or it can be an external factor. It can allow you to serve as an example that allows others to free themselves of their own limitations or it can allow you to go back and help remove the chains of bondage off of a person’s body and mind. Inspiration is a powerful motivator and to answer the question first posed, yes you can!


Call on inspiration and receive it!


Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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