Your Price is Way too High!



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Set your price. How much are you worth? Imagine you are doing a favor for a friend and they paying you half of that, however they have more demands than those who pay you what your worth. How would you feel? How many of us are working yet not receiving what we’re worth, yet we accept the demands, requirements and expectations? Know your worth and demand it! In society now, people PriceIsWayTooHigh1.jpg
have a great understanding of price however do not comprehend value. If the price is high on something it must be worth more than something else. The value for that widget is higher because the price is higher. So if you discount yourself, services, products you are saying to others that they are of lesser value because the distinction in which someone should choose what you have to offer is price. However, if your price is high, you are showing that you have confidence people will still purchase what you offer because the quality is worthy of that price. Value is there.


When you think of Bentley, when you think of Aston Martin, when you think of Rolls-Royce do discounts come to mind? Do a multitude of tv ads pop into your head? Do you recall billboard ads? People do not buy those brands because of how “inexpensive” they are. People do not purchase those brands because of a flashy commercial they saw on tv. They do not acquire those brands because they just saw a billboard while driving and pulling into a dealer. It is the quality and reputation that separates these brands.



The truth of the matter is that we are all special and wonderfully made. We all have some unique gift and particular purpose we are here for.

If people value these brands because of their quality and reputation and not because of how cheap or overexposed they are, why do we as people do the opposite? We try and sell or market ourselves to others by getting exposure to as many people as possible and discounting ourselves so a majority of people can “afford” us. In reality it really should be the other way around. Instead PriceIsWayTooHigh8.jpgof focusing on pushing our name out to the masses we should focus on developing our reputation so people are drawn and attracted to us. Instead of decreasing our price we should focus on increasing our value. The truth of the matter is that we are all special and wonderfully made. We all have some unique gift and particular purpose we are here for.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be deserving of your gift.  They are not going to be able to “afford” the price that you are worth. It is not your job to lower your price for this person. It is their job to recognize the quality and if they do, be willing to do what is necessary to be able to “afford” it.

Set your price.  Know your value.


Be Great!

Jay The Motivator


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