Bob Marley

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Bob Marley

Its time to stop telling our wives, sisters daughters and mothers “no woman no cry” as we are “waiting in vain” for a “redemption song” singing how “johnny was” a good boy trying to “satisfy my soul“. 

I’d much rather not have these worries and watch “three little birds” or even “jamming” at a “punky reggae party” but until there is “no more trouble” we are going to start playing this “rebel music” in each “concrete jungle” and there will be “a burnin’ and a lootin’” until those full of the “gultiness” have their “lights turn down low” because as of now we are fighting for “survival“.
This cannot go on for much longer for there will be a meeting of wise men and during this “Rastaman chant” they will want our “buffalo soldiers” to sing a different song. Instead of calling for an “exodus” as Marcus Garvey wanted they will start singing “I shot the sheriff

Lets keep this future from occurring. As the Jamaican motto says out of many one people so there should be “one love” amongst all people. Lets “get up and stand up” for our youth or the future will truly be bleak.


“Sheriff John Brown always hated me,
For what, I don’t know,
Every time I plant a seed,
He said kill it before it grow,
He said kill them before they grow.”
     (I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley)

Lets allow our seeds to grow and not be choked out by the weeds of inequality and bigotry or we will soon find that our once prosperous garden full flowers, plants and trees from all over will become nothing but a barren land where only scavengers can scrape by a meager existence.

As Spike Lee warned us to do 25 years ago, It’s time to Do the Right Thing or we will see more and more of these images




It’s time for us to make a choice either… 

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